Inside Look with Dominic Jose

Dominic Jose is a journalist interviewing some of the most fascinating people in sports, business, and media. Dominic played baseball at Stanford University and received All-Conference honors while completing a degree in Communications. Dominic also played professionally for the New York Yankees organization.

Mark Gubicza 2x All-Star & World Series Champion

Mark Gubicz‪a

2x All-Star & World Series Champion
Mark Gubicza, 2x All-Star & World Series Champion, sits down with Dominic and discusses in what ways the game has changed. Mark collected over 130 Wins during his time as Starting Pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Mark shares his thoughts on [...]
Trea Turner Major League Baseball

Trea Turne‪r‬

Shortstop for the Washington Nationals
Dominic sits down with Trea Turner, Shortstop for the Washington Nationals, and discusses the importance of remaining calm under pressure and always striving to improve. Turner, a 2019 World Series Champion, shares his story of playing for Team USA [...]
John Smoltz Hall of Fame Pitcher

John Smolt‪z‬

Hall of Fame Pitcher
Dominic speaks with Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz to discuss the highlights of his career and what young players should focus on to have a long, prosperous career. Smoltz is the only pitcher in Major League Baseball history to record both 200 [...]
Danny Diekroeger Baseball Player Standford

Danny Diekroege‪r‬

Danny Diekroege‪r‬
Danny Diekroeger is a former professional baseball player who has transitioned from the diamond into the digital currency industry. Danny, a four-year letter winner at Stanford, completed his Master's in Computer Science after his playing days with [...]
Austin Slater Baseball Player

Austin Slater

Outfielder for the San Francisco Giants
Dominic and Austin discuss what it takes to become a professional baseball player and what feelings arise come draft day. Austin Slater is an outfielder for the San Francisco Giants and almost suffered a career-ending injury in high school. [...]
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